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Safe, Secure On-line Backup Services 
Online Data Back-Up Solutions that work for any business…

How secure is your clients Critical Business Data? From financial records and sensitive customer information to databases and contracts, if their data were ever lost to a disaster - hardware failure, human error, theft or fire—the repercussions could be catastrophic. It is almost inevitable that a business will suffer a data loss at some point, will your clients be prepared? 

With Haladon Technologies industry leading On-Line Backup solutions you can provide your clients with peace of mind that their business  and sensitive client information is safe and can be easily be restored if needed. 

Our business-class online data backup and recovery service safeguards critical business data at a secure offsite location. Using the highest levels of compression and encryption available, we enable businesses to automatically protect digital information and restore it at anytime from any location. Our service allows you to bring the benefits of best automated backup technology available, military-grade security, 24/7 access to data and world-class customer support to your clients.

Overview of Program Benefits…

   • Agentless Client

Runs as a Service, not an application or agent.

   • Fully Automated

Install, Configure, & Schedule. The Service does the rest.

   • Data Compression

Compressed prior to leaving your site, faster transfer speeds.

   • 256 AES Encryption

Military grade encryption so data is secure in transit & storage.

   • Tier 4 Data Centers

Redundant Power, Cooling, Network Links, & Storage.

   • Delta Blocking

Backing up only what changes, not the entire file every time.

   • File Deduplication

Requires less bandwidth and makes backup process faster.

   • Open File Backup

In conjunction with e-mail & SQL databases, e-mail profiles or any open or running file, services backs up the data without closing the file. Eliminates the need to purchase additional licensing to backup.

   • 24/7 File Restoration

Data is always accessible, with the use of encryption key, whenever and where ever you need it.

   • On-Site and Off-Site Data Storage

Optional Local Vault available to allow for quicker restores.